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Landshark Makes The Cut

Jimmy Buffett will be thrilled. His Landshark Lager made Bruce Owens’ list of “Ten Beers You Must Drink This Summer.” In at number six – Pabst Blue Ribbon. And I think he’s serious.

If you’ve never been to the Keys before, a note on ordering beverages:

Corona is a fine beer, but let’s not confuse it with something that men drink. That would be more like Kalik, brewed in Nassau.

It was once explained to me that Kalik was popular in the Keys because of the Bahamian Conchs who originally settled here, but I suspect it also might be because it’s just an excellent kind-of-local beer. And it’s pronounced Ka-LICK, like the sound an old cowbell makes when it’s rung. (Thus the cowbells in the logo.)

Here’s a great story from a Canadian gentleman desperate for some Kalik.

And stout fans may not know that in the Caribbean there is actually a third type of Guinness – Foreign Extra Stout. To make sure the beer would hold up well when shipped long distances around the world, brewers back in the day added extra hops and brewed it longer. As a consequence, it had a higher alcohol content. Still does, despite modern transport. Read into that whatever you may.

Other Caribbean beers: Piton from St. Lucia, Carib from Trinidad and Tobago, and of course Red Stripe from Jamaica. Aruba makes a local beer called Balashi that is supposed to be pretty good, too.

And ya can’t plug micro brews in Islamorada without mentioning The Trading Post. Across the street, Morada Bay has Stella Artois on tap. And although it’s not actually brewed in the Keys, Key West Sunset Ale isn’t half-bad, either.

See there? Sitting around reading annual reports has other benefits, too…