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Letter to Investors

My April letter to Tarpon Fund investors was published last night. Here’s the link. To receive these updates, please sign up in the “Cale’s Email Newsletter” box at right, or just email me. And lawyer Todd says hi! This site … read more…

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How I Voted Our Shares

An update for Tarpon Fund investors. During the sign-up process for investing in the Tarpon Fund you may remember that you chose to either vote the shares in the companies you owned or allow me to vote those shares on … read more…

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A Geek’s Ode to Islamorada

Islamorada is a fishing town, first and foremost, though more Hemingway than New Bedford. It’s an amazing place. Our waters are as clear as gin. We’ve got 6,000 species of fish within a ten-mile radius. Air doesn’t come any cleaner. … read more…

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