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A Motion to Make Them Dog-Years

My firm’s Tarpon Folio had its six month anniversary in May. Beers at the Green Turtle soon. It’s been a remarkable start for Tarpon. Sure, our little Spoke Fund® is only six months old, but that nutty period in the history of capitalism should be counted like dog-years, no? Here’s where we are since inception: […]

Letter to Investors

My April letter to Tarpon Fund investors was published last night. Here’s the link. To receive these updates, please sign up in the “Cale’s Email Newsletter” box at right, or just email me. And lawyer Todd says hi! This site is for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing contained here should be construed by anyone […]

Welcome to Y’all Street

An update of our original video. More about Tarpon, Spoke Fund® and swimming naked.