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Planes, Trains, Ukraine and Chocolate

Follow Islamorada Investment Management’s board Retz’s Investing Travels on Pinterest. On  March 10th, my  computer bag, suit carrier and I boarded a flight in Miami, the start of a 2 ½ week journey through Europe where I attended presentations and visited holdings and prospects for the Frigate and Treasure Harbor Folios. Passing through Atlanta and Amsterdam, I […]

First Treasure Harbor Letter to Investors

Below is Lauretta ‘Retz’ Reeves’ first letter to investors in the Treasure Harbor Folio, an international dividend portfolio. To receive these letters via email in the future, please sign up here. You can access the full archive of IIM investor letters here. Dear Investors, What a difference a month makes! As investors digested the withdrawal […]

Forbes Cover on Wells Fargo

Tarpon Folio holding Wells Fargo will be on the cover of the upcoming Forbes magazine. Here’s the online version. And here’s a good quote from CEO John Stumpf: “There are only three ways a company can grow. First, earn more business from your current customers. Second, attract customers from your competitors. Or third, buy another […]

The Math of Averaging Down

I tried to explain the concept of “averaging down” at my last annual meeting, but I couldn’t quite get my point across as well as I’d hoped. I was trying to throw too many concepts out there all at once. I’m going to try again here, as I spent a lot of time this summer […]

Q&A With Clearwire Longs and Shorts

This is the second in a series of additional thoughts about Clearwire, presented in a Q&A format. Here was the first post in this series, and here is the article that kicked it all off. As a reminder, none of this should be considered investment advice, or anything even close. It’s almost entirely opinion and, in […]

Thoughts on That Wacky Sprint Call

I’ve received a handful of emails this weekend about the sell-off in Clearwire last Friday after a number of comments the management team of Sprint made during a presentation to Wall Street analysts. In the interest of time, I’ll try to do this in a Q&A format. Consider the below Part I. First, though, know […]

Clearwire Postscript: The Legend of John Stanton

My article “A Value Investor’s Case for Clearwire” was posted on the Seeking Alpha website this morning. Below are some more thoughts about recent insider buying at the company by one executive in particular. My first job in this industry was as an analyst for a small independent research shop just outside Washington, D.C. It […]

Spotted in Jackson Hole

It may be a bit hard to see, but if you squint, below you can almost make out a bona fide, limited edition, cheesily authentic Islamorada Investment Management T-shirt that showed up recently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Closer up the shirt looks more like this. The front, anyway. On the back is printed what is […]

August Update for Investors

I sent out an abbreviated Letter to Investors late last night. Here it is in its entirety: Dear Investors, Consider this just a quick update on our August performance. I’ll have a more traditional letter to you after the end of September. In August, the Tarpon Folio declined by 4.7%, compared to a decline of […]

Two Letters and a Call

Here are links to a couple of letters I’ve written and a call I held for my investors during the recent market nuttiness. Special Edition. My letter to investors from the Sunday night right after the S&P downgrade. Special Edition Vol. II. Sent late Friday night after the end of that same week. And here […]