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Category: Islamorada

No Oil, But Plenty of Worms!

I got a nice plug this week over at the Islamorada Guides Club from good friend Captain Ted Wilson. The odds of me catching a tarpon that big all by myself are zilch. To paraphrase someone else, fishing in the Keys is amazing – if you have enough sense to hire a guide. Here’s the […]

No, The Paeasure Is All Mine

Another sign of the tough times. My repair shop had to fire its copy editor.

Island Fest this Weekend

This weekend in Islamorada: the Chamber’s 19th annual free-admission Island Fest! Music. Rum. Art. Smoked Fish Dip. Kites. Sailboat rides. Sandcastles. All will be a blast. Nothing will compare, however, to the Giant Human Hamster Ball. I’m not entirely sure what that is, but I do know that I am going to either break it […]

Live – From The Keel!

I’m not a technology newbie. I worked at the world’s first commercial internet service provider. Ran meetings with the geniuses running the core backbones of the internet. Dragged spectrum analyzers to the tops of mountains in foreign countries. But for some reason I am still fascinated by the idea that some guy in the middle […]

Attention Dealseekers!

It’s almost here, people. The 15th Annual Gigantic Nautical Flea Market will be held February 20-21 at Founder’s Park here in Islamorada. You’ll find great prices on all things nautical…boats, dive gear, fishing rods, lifevests, and anything else you can possibly imagine. It’s put on every year by the Upper Keys Rotary, easily the smartest […]

“Just an Image, Not a Vessel”

I admit it. I had a pretty good chuckle when I drove by this sign last week. For some reason, the sub-head of the story about it in the local paper struck me as even funnier. It reads like the voiceover for a really bad movie trailer, no? Boat ‘stolen’ a second time from Tavernier […]

Tough scene in the everglades

Some pics from Pat Ford on a trip into the Everglades National Park last Thursday. Shows you what record low temps will do down here. Shame. Have been hearing from some guides that the fish kills were widespread, but pictures bring that point home like nothing else. And keep in mind these were taken more […]

There’s No App For This

You got that right, brother.

The Best $3 You Can Spend in The Keys

The girls and I went to feed the tarpon at Robbie’s in Islamorada yesterday. If you have time to do only one thing while you’re in town, feeding the tarpon should be it. Here are some more great pics, and a live webcam, too. Select “Tarpon Dock” in the dropdown menu on the webcam page. […]