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IIM 2022 Macro Mailbag

Below are five videos containing Q&A about the economy in 2022. You can also download a PDF of the full slidedeck here at this link. Video 1: Intro and TL;DR Version Video 2: History & Sentiment Video 3: Economic Indicators Video 4: Rates & Housing Video 5: Elections & Cycles Pls let me know if […]

How Investors Can Take Advantage of Attractive Valuations

From an email sent to IIM investors on July 20, 2022… As the economy responds to inflationary pressures, investors continue to struggle with daily price swings across the stock market. This level of market volatility can be disorienting, and some may even want to wait it out on the sidelines. While that may be tempting, […]

IIM International Portfolios: First Half of 2022

I Believe in Yesterday I remember yesterday – before COVID-19, the Great Resignation, the Russo-Ukrainian war; before inflation surged and the S&P had the worst first half in fifty years and before ducks landed in our pool. We don’t mind if all the neighborhood critters come and clean up dropped birdseed, but why swim in […]

How Geopolitical Risk in Ukraine Impacts Long-Term Investors

From an email sent out to IIM investors on Feb 27th, 2022: Good morning, IIM investors. For long-term investors, periods of geopolitical risk are unavoidable. This week’s events in Ukraine are troubling and evolving rapidly. A major world power invading a free sovereign nation is of enormous historical significance. And though I am skeptical of […]

IIM International Portfolios: 2021 Letter

“What’s It All About, ESG?” It started with an announcement from a friend, a suggestion from an associate and a push, well make that a shove, from a colleague – it was time to pursue the CFA Institute’s certificate in ESG. I took all of the 130 hours recommended studying time, pulled out my pants […]

How the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package Impacts Investors

With the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus package now signed into law, more than $5 trillion has been authorized over the past year to combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like its predecessors, this bill sends checks to households, supports small businesses, extends unemployment insurance, funds healthcare initiatives and more.  Although this spending is […]

How Investors Should React to Rising COVID-19 Cases

From an email sent out to all investors… Good morning, IIM investors. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, new restrictions and lockdown measures are being considered. Some states have implemented curfews, dining restrictions, and mask rules in an attempt to curb the exponential spread of the disease. This has often been a heated political issue […]

What the Worst GDP Decline in History Means for Investors

From an email sent out to IIM investors… Good evening, IIM investors. The economic recovery continues to send mixed signals in early August. Increased COVID-19 cases in many parts of the country have led to increased restrictions by local governments and businesses. Nonetheless, there are clear signs that the economy is getting back on track. The […]

IIM International Portfolios: First Half of 2020

Sturm und Drang Our hearts go out to those whose loved ones are being impacted by COVID-19; we empathize with those businesses that are trying to find a path forward during this difficult time. The Market As if this insidious virus wasn’t enough of a challenge, investors had to deal with early tropical storms, a […]

Seven Insights for the Second Half of 2020

From an email sent to IIM investors on July 2, 2020: After collapsing by 22 million in March and April, 4.8 million workers returned to work in June, according to this morning’s jobs report – significantly more than the 3 million to 4 million consensus prediction among surveyed economists. This is the second consecutive month […]