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Category: Book Notes

Handout from Investor Meeting

Here’s the packet I gave folks at the IIM annual meeting last Saturday – my notes from Louis Lowenstein’s terrific book, The Investor’s Dilemma. Highly recommended reading for anyone who invests in mutual funds. Click the Download link immediately below for the PDF version.

Book Notes: Spend ‘Til The End, Part 3(a)

The latest installment of our recent series, where we boil down others’ contrarian financial advice and let the dust settle where it may. Part 3: Raising Your Living Standard Lot of material here, so I will split it up into two parts. 3a is below and 3b will be next week. Chapter 9: My Son, […]

Book Notes: Spend ‘Til The End, Part 2

Notes from the second part of Spend ‘Til The End. Here’s what this is all about, and last week’s notes. Read Kirk’s comments on last week’s post for some thoughts from a fee-only advisor, too. Part 2: Financial Pathology Here’s how I would summarize this section on Twitter: “Wall Street has your worst interests at […]

Book Notes: Spend ‘Til The End, Part I

As mentioned previously, some notes from Spend ’til The End. Part I: Smooth Financial Plans There are three parts to an economics-based approach to financial planning: 1 – Maximizing your spending power. Making financial choices that provide you with more money to spend for the same effort. For instance, whether to collect a smaller Social […]

Book Notes: Spend ’til The End, Intro

“If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.” – Yogi Berra My firm provides only a small sliver of the entire spectrum of financial services. We manage two portfolios, and only in a pretty particular kind of way. So when friends and family started coming to […]