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Category: Ask the Geek

Ask the Geek: Top 5 Must-Read MBA Books

For Brandon in Albany, the books I would recommend to an MBA student if he could read only five: 1. The Definitive Drucker. The founding father of modern business management. 2. The Essays of Warren Buffett. To learn how to think independently about business and Wall Street. 3. Competitive Strategy. The book that launched a […]

Ask the Geek: Deal or No Deal

Q. Can you help me win on that Deal or No Deal show? A. Yes, if winning means maximizing the amount of money you take home, not picking the right suitcases. Here is my advice: 

Forget about winning the million dollars. The odds say it just won’t happen. The object of the game should be […]

Ask the Geek: Bank Rescue Plan

Q. How is this bank rescue plan supposed to work? A.  The basic idea is that if the big banks can sell off their bad assets, they can function again. The banks have known this but can’t find any buyers. The government is bringing buyers to the table by sweetening the deal. In one part […]