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  • Lauretta Reeves Named Partner at Islamorada Investment Management

    Islamorada Investment Management (IIM), an independent local investment firm, today announced Lauretta “Retz” Reeves as a new partner.

    Ms. Reeves will join managing partner Cale Smith in opening a new office at mile marker 82 in January.

    “I simply could not ask for a better partner than Retz,” said Cale Smith, Managing Partner of IIM. “Since joining us three years ago, she has been an exceptional portfolio manager, strategic advisor and operations specialist. Her skill set when it comes to international investing is the most impressive I have ever seen. She is deeply dedicated to being a fiduciary for our clients, and I am thrilled to formally welcome her to the IIM partnership.”

    Ms. Reeves manages three international portfolios at IIM. She holds a Masters in Business Administration, is credentialed as a CFA, or Chartered Financial Analyst, and maintains the AWMA, or Accredited Wealth Management Advisor, certification. Her expertise includes investing in public companies throughout Europe and Asia and helping clients meet their investment goals through appropriate asset allocation plans. Ms. Reeves started her career as an analyst for Sir John Templeton, and prior to joining IIM she was the Co-Chief Investment Officer of an internationally recognized mutual fund company in Fort Lauderdale.

    Ms. Reeves is a published author, travels extensively, and is a member of the Founders Society of Mariners Hospital as well as the Upper Keys BPW. She chairs the Investment Committee of The Burroughs Wellcome Fund, also serving as a director on that board. In addition, Ms. Reeves is a mentor in Monroe County’s Take Stock in Children Program and is currently a contestant in the Big Kahuna campaign supporting The Good Health Clinic in Tavernier.

    About Islamorada Investment Management

    Islamorada Investment Management (IIM) is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor specializing in value investing. Founded in 2008, IIM serves more than 200 clients in 17 different states, and the firm’s partners have significant personal investments in the same portfolios as their clients. For more information visit:

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  • Fish With a Hero – Islamorada, 2016

    For more info:

    Project Healing Waters
    Fish With a Hero

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  • This Week’s Sign We Are Sleepwalking Into a Supply Crunch (#9)

    From the front page of the online NY Times today, a glimpse of the most important man in world oil markets today:

    dont worry this will end well

    Emphasis mine.

    Here is the entire NYT article on Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in which you will learn that said yacht was an impulse buy, even. And that a certain number of Saudi citizens so dislike the royal family that in 2009, Crown Prince bin Nayef was almost assassinated by, ahem, “a jihadist who detonated a bomb he had hidden in his rectum.”

    Read into this whatever you will about the stability of the House of Saud – and, by extension, future oil prices.

    But perhaps that caption above may already tell us everything we need to know.

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