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Island Investing

Riffs, rants, and the upside of investing from way off Wall Street



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Crisis of Credit, Visualized

Jonathon Jarvis has put together a great overview of the credit crisis in a way that everyone can understand.

A Geek’s Ode to Islamorada

Islamorada is a fishing town, first and foremost, though more Hemingway than New Bedford. It’s an amazing place. Our waters are as clear as gin. We’ve got 6,000 species of fish within a ten-mile radius. Air doesn’t come any cleaner. Manatees float through our backyard canals. And we are the mecca of saltwater fly fishing. […]

60 Minutes On the 401(K) Debacle

Good overview last night on 60 Minutes of how 401(k) investors have been chronically disserviced by the mutual fund industry.

Pat Ford’s Recent Travels

Some recent shots from Pat Ford in the Bahamas and Seychelles. Reprinted with permission.