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bullet Cale's Notes: A Special Research Report.
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Letter to Investors

September 2011 [email protected] (305) 522-1333

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Cale's Notes

Cale Smith

Dear Investors,

September no doubt felt like a frustrating end to an already tough quarter. Since just the end of June you've probably questioned the wisdom of politicians in D.C., credit rating agencies, European governments, hurricane forecasters, the Dolphins coaching staff and/or your portfolio manager.

There's not much of real significance to add on those first few issues beyond what I've already shared. And when it comes to Tarpon and Gecko, your portfolio manager continues to ride it out. This may seem foolish to some of you, given our recent bruises and the constant drone of dour headlines of late. Suddenly, it seems, everyone has become a global macro trader, and the next move is obvious.

Except, of course, it isn't. Whatever happens in the market over the course of the next few months and years will be more driven by unforeseen developments and random Brownian motion than the trends and conclusions market traders now think they can foresee. To paraphrase the rationalist philosopher Karl Popper, "What we all will next know will change what happens next - and we can't know what we'll know next, since if we could we'd know it now."

Actually, that might have been Yogi Berra.

Either way, it's useless to try to predict the market. Europe and our own economy demand much attention these days, but I have grown weary of the cacophony of calamitous predictions from alarmists. It's much more enjoyable to actually focus on investing. So in this letter, I thought I'd get back to that.

And rather than try to directly address whatever macro angst you might be feeling, this time I thought instead I'd try to show you what I'm seeing.

So I'd like to present to you my formal analysis of Tarpon Folio holding Clearwire. It's a lengthy report that was published earlier this week on a popular website for investing geeks called Seeking Alpha.

Please check it out at the link below. At times it can get a little wonky, but I'd like to think it's a thorough overview of the company. It also includes more valuation work than I typically include in these letters. Most important, though, is that it gives a good glimpse into my own mindset these days.

As I think you'll see, there are some great opportunities out there. You've just got to be willing to dig - and then to be patient during months like the one we just had.

So please check out my article on Seeking Alpha by clicking the link below:

"A Value Investor's Case For Clearwire."

And here is a follow-up article I wrote, too:

"Clearwire Postscript: The Legend of John Stanton."

I hope you find them useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Cale

About The Tarpon Folio

The Tarpon Folio is an innovative, investor-friendly alternative to the traditional actively managed mutual fund. It's built on a model we call a Spoke FundŽ.

It is more transparent, takes more concentrated positions and is significantly less expensive than the vast majority of mutual funds. The portfolio is managed for long-term growth using value investing principles.

Fees are 1.25% of assets annually, assessed on a quarterly basis. Turnover, taxes and trading are minimized in the fund, and investors can customize their accounts in several key ways, including tax preference. Each Tarpon Folio account is also protected by three types of insurance for a maximum of up to $9.0 million

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