Once More Unto the Breach

All eyes on Spain this week. Bond auctions coming up Tuesday and Thursday.

Despite a seemingly endless stream of noise coming out of Europe the past few years, the signals from Spain demand real attention. In short – and hopefully this doesn’t sound too alarmist – Spain is in a box canyon of trouble.

More later. For now, in case you’d like to catch up on recent events over there…

1. The war for Spain.

2. Soros’ latest on the Eurozone crisis.

3. Spain will exit the Eurozone first.

4. Eurozone crisis roars back to savage Spain.

5. Lagarde may struggle to get funds for a firewall.

6. Why Spain won’t regain market confidence.

You get the idea. It’s going to be bumpy. But there will be opportunities.

Stay frosty, people.

Cale Smith

About Cale Smith

Portfolio Manager at Islamorada Investment Management.
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