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2012 Annual Investor Meeting Videos

Here is an updated, consolidated post with all videos from the 2012 Islamorada Investment Management Investor Meeting.

Intro Video

That may have been incoherent. I shot it the day after the annual meeting. It was a fun and sunny but especially extroverted kind of weekend. What I hope came out of my mouth there was something like…

“Hi, investors. It’s Sunday, February 19th, the day after the third annual IIM investor meeting. I am here at the Post Card Inn at Holiday Isle, the same place we held the meeting last night. Please pay no attention to the seven year old that just tackled me. I really just wanted to show you yankees that it is warm in some parts of the country still. And then, you know, smirk a little. Hopefully we’ll see those of you who couldn’t make it this past year at next year’s meeting. I’m going to follow up this highly polished intro video with some voice-over videos of the slides we talked about at the meeting last night. So, if you couldn’t make it, you missed a good time, but I’ll post the highlights of the meeting on my blog soon. Thanks to all who came.”

And no, the shades are actually on straight. My ears are just crooked.

Video 1

Here’s the first part of my recap of the slideshow from the annual meeting last weekend. As per that post above, I’m trying to give a low-tech overview of the topics I covered that night here for folks who couldn’t make the meeting.

Video 2

In which I talk briefly about the outlook for 2012, the theory of deleveraging, and even a little macro.
But don’t worry. It will pass.

Video 3

More specifics on the Tarpon Folio, including the first part of a closer look at five of the companies we own.

Video 4

More on individual Tarpon companies, an overview of the Gecko Folio, plus a review of some Q&A from the meeting.

That’s it for now. No video recap next year. You’re just going to have to come on down to the tropics in the middle of winter, I’m afraid.

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