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Happy New Year

Apologies for the delay between posts lately. Been working on some new names in the portfolio and attempting to get in some quality family time.

New puppy at home, too. Been a blast – although I had quite the battle with my two young daughters when it came to choosing a name for him. After exhausting all other options, I was able to eventually, for a small sum, buy the naming rights to him. It was a desperate move – but I was outnumbered and out of options. There was just no way I could let him be named “Rainbow Princess.”

So, here’s Murphy. Don’t let the picture fool you, though. He may look like a black lab, but turns out he’s really a fur-coated flip-flop destruction machine.

In any case, I will get my next investor letter out in another week or so (you can sign up here), and back to the blog after that.

In the meantime, a belated happy holidays to all.