The Latest from Charlie Munger

From Farnam Street, the below was provided at an event last week by Warren Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger. A great read.

Cale Smith

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3 Responses to The Latest from Charlie Munger

  1. Alan Shouls says:

    Hi Cale, I very much enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting it.nnPossibly worth mentioning is that there is a really good set of notes of Charlie Mungers final Wesco chat atu00a0 It is similar to the summary published on the motley fool (an excellent website) but more complete.nnBest regardsnnAlan

  2. Cale Smith says:

    Thanks for the tip, Alan. u00a0Much appreciated.

  3. j823 says:

    Ben’s notes are great. But If you’re interested, you can purchase a transcript of the meeting here.