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My New Favorite Weekly

Just wanted to give a public attaboy to my new favorite business weekly:

Bloomberg Businessweek

I have no idea if they’re making any money off it yet, but not only did The Mayor blessedly put the old lousy Businessweek out of its misery, but the new version has become, almost overnight, the best popular business magazine out there. And I get ’em all, though I often wonder why…Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Markets, HBR, Kiplingers, Money, SmartMoney, Inc, and, oh yes, FastCompany, plus some others I’m probably forgetting. The new BBW is top dog, in my humble opinion. Plus the new iPad app is terrific.

And I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic to say that the arrival of Bloomberg Businessweek should actually give us some hope for financial journalism. Until it showed up, the best financial journalism of the past three years has been in…wait for it…Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. Seriously. I am convinced my postman thinks I’m living a double life. But if you’ve wanted to get any true insight from the popular financial press about the shenanigans that consumed Wall Street, you’ve had to read Matt Taibbi and Michael Lewis – although I should also point out that the Financial Times’ Lex page is consistently good, also.

Can’t say the same for the WSJ anymore, by the way. It’s trying so hard to compete with the NY Times that it’s rendered itself useless in terms of actionable investing ideas anymore.

Here are the two latest Bloomberg Businessweek articles that motivated this post.

1 – Taco Bell and the Golden Age of Drive-Thru

2 – Why Bin Laden Lost

Okay, that second one has nothing to do with business, and it starts with an odd premise, but follow it through to the end for a brilliant finish.

And if you missed Mary Meeker’s cover story on “USA Inc.” a few months back, check that out here, too.

So what do you say? Let’s hear it for old media!