A Video Intro to Value Investing: Part 1

Here is a video from a speech I gave in February of 2010 to students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

This is the first of four videos from that day. I’ll be posting the others soon, too.

Disclaimer: My investors and I own shares of Neutral Tandem. This post in no way constitutes investment advice. Commentary on this blog should never be relied on in making an investment decision.

Cale Smith

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Portfolio Manager at Islamorada Investment Management.
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6 Responses to A Video Intro to Value Investing: Part 1

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hello Cale. Stumbled on your videos and found the information very useful. Seem that Video 3 is a duplicate of Video 2. Just thought that I would let you know.

  2. Gil Bento says:

    This came out great Cale! Thanks again for coming out!

    • Cale Cale says:

      The man. The myth. The legend. Ladies and gents – Gil Bento!

      Thx again, Gil! Great time up there! Other than that white stuff on the ground, I mean…:)

      Gotta get you to the Keys soon, eh?!?!

  3. Alan Shouls says:

    I very much enjoyed this video – it is an excellent introduction into value investing.