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Notes on the Investor Weekend

Two days away from this year’s annual investor meeting here in Islamorada! Some notes:

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend in the Keys. Highs of 80, lows of 65. Almost zero chance of rain. Bring your swimsuits!

Vice President Joe Biden will be vacationing in Key Largo this weekend. At least, that’s the story on the front page of the local paper this week. I mention this because if it’s not crowded due to the gorgeous weather, we may be overrun with, well, whoever hangs out with Vice Presidents.

Got RSVPs from 57 people so far, and a couple more pending. I cannot tell you how relieved my wallet is that it’s not attempting to feed you all this year.


In the Keys, directions are given by two coordinates – mile marker and side of the road as defined by the closest body of water. From Miami or Lauderdale airports, take the Florida Turnpike all the way south to the bottom and keep following signs for Key West. You’ll then go across what’s called the 18 Mile Stretch, which is one of two roads into the Keys through the southern Everglades. At the end of the Stretch, you’ll be in Key Largo at about mile marker (or “MM”) 112. Key West, all the way at the end, is MM 0. The heart of Islamorada is at MM 81 or so and stretches roughly for ten miles on either side. So we’re at the northern end of the Keys.

There is one main road – US-1 or the Overseas Highway – in the Keys. As you’re driving south to Key West, on your left is the Atlantic. That’s “Oceanside.” On your right is Florida Bay. That’s “Bayside.”

Cheeca Lodge, where the event will be, is at Mile Marker 82, Oceanside. Marker 88 restaurant, where we’ll be Friday night, is at, um, Mile Marker 88, on the bayside. Piece of cake.


A small group of us will be at Marker 88 restaurant in Islamorada from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Look for us outside at the bar. Nothing formal, just grippin’ and grinnin’ over some tasty apps. Come on by if you’re in town!

Also – Full Moon Party at Morada Bay on Friday night. Usually starts around 9:00 pm and goes until 3am. Or so I hear.

The full moon party is #2 on my list of Things You Must Do In Islamorada If You Get a Chance. (The first is feeding the tarpon at Robbie’s). Hundreds of people, gorgeous beach, bonfires, fireworks worthy of a large city, steel drums, the works. Absolutely great time.

Saturday: The Main Event

Festivities start at 3:00 pm at Cheeca Lodge. Head towards the main resort and you’ll see signs in the courtyard. I’ll talk and take questions until a little before 5:00 pm, at which point we’re going to head down to the pier, pile on to a stout ole’ vessel, and head offshore for a sunset cruise. That will last until 7 pm. And, yes, though I will probably regret it, there will be plenty of free beer and wine onboard.

Once we’re back in, I plan to meet informally with a handful of people, but will otherwise be playing things by ear the rest of that night. I will also have some suggestions for where we can grab breakfast Sunday morning, too.

If at any point during the weekend you need an idea or recommendation for what to do, please text/call/email me. Islamorada is a special place, and I like playing concierge, so fire away.

Also, the fishing should be great this weekend. Tuna are out at the Islamorada Hump, the sailfish bite is picking back up again out on the reef, and the recent warm weather means snook and redfish are all over the place in the Everglades, too. Email me at [email protected] if you need a guide.

All for now. Look forward to seeing you all soon!