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No Oil, But Plenty of Worms!

I got a nice plug this week over at the Islamorada Guides Club from good friend Captain Ted Wilson.

The odds of me catching a tarpon that big all by myself are zilch. To paraphrase someone else, fishing in the Keys is amazing – if you have enough sense to hire a guide.

Here’s the full article. And if you’re ever coming to the Keys to fish the backcountry, give Ted a shout. Snook, tarpon, redfish…I’ve caught them all with Ted – and I am a ham-and-egger kind of angler.

And as tragic as this oil spill is in the Gulf, the Keys have not been affected in any way, shape or form. The waters are as gin-clear as ever, and everyone is open for business. “Giddy” is not a term I would normally use to describe any of the guides down here, but they sure do seem to be smiling a lot lately. The fishing has been phenomenal – and tarpon fishing in particular is about to get even better this weekend. Why?

Two words.

“Worm hatch.”

Okay, maybe it’s an island thing. But here is much more about why you should absolutely, positively grab a couple of fishing rods and come down to the Keys this weekend. There is nothing quite like catching a tarpon. It will make you temporarily forget all about stock market corrections, oil spills, and European credit derivatives, for sure…