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Live – From The Keel!

I’m not a technology newbie. I worked at the world’s first commercial internet service provider. Ran meetings with the geniuses running the core backbones of the internet. Dragged spectrum analyzers to the tops of mountains in foreign countries.

But for some reason I am still fascinated by the idea that some guy in the middle of nowhere can stick a camera under his boat and beam live video of fish he likes to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The stream below mesmerizes me, and though I’m not entirely sure why, I don’t think it’s just because I like sushi.

From this site:

“This cam is live in Key West, Florida mounted under an anchored 40ft boat. Here are some of the aquatic species you will see – parrot fish, horseshoe crabs, grunts, snapper, hog fish, blue tangs, angelfish, puffer fish, octopus, spiny lobster, crabs, tarpon and barracuda. A flood light gets turned on at night which ignites the fish to feed.”

Live Video streaming by Ustream