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“How to Build a Spoke Fund®” Meeting in the Keys

Okay, future Spoke Fund® managers…I’m thinking we can get together down here in the Keys on Saturday, May 15th, if you’re up for it. Depending on interest and topics, we can also meet that Sunday, too, if needed.

This would be an informal get together, meaning that while it’s not going to be the caliber of my recent investor meeting, there will be coffee, WiFi, and plenty of good info. Exact location will depend on the number of people who attend, but if nothing else, I’ve got a conference table for eight in my office. And there is nothing quite like talking regulatory statutes over a few beers in an old dynamite warehouse…

Plus, the tarpon will be thick under the bridges down here by that weekend, and we could definitely do some fishing.

I’ll put together a more formal curriculum of sorts closer to the day, but in general, think we want the weekend to basically be “How To Build A Spoke Fund®” and cover everything from A to Z.

We’ll talk marketing strategy, review some things on the FOLIOfn back-end (and Interactive Brokers, too, if warranted), and I’ll walk you thru the operational and tech side of my business to see how things work.

Also thinking I may be able to convince one of the folks from RIA in a Box to come down to handle any compliance-related questions, and I’ll see if one of the support guys from FOLIOfn can come to get more in the weeds on their platform if needed. If there is interest, can tap someone to talk about social media and/or Google Adwords, too.

All ears on any suggestions for the weekend, obviously.

And to be clear…this is free. I would ask that you pick up the costs of whatever materials we end up printing and handing out, but I can’t imagine that will be more than $20.

Who is in? Email me at [email protected] to RSVP, eh?