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Out the window at Cheeca Lodge

Great balcony shot taken by Kelli Brower at the recently re-opened Cheeca Lodge here in Islamorada. The pic below doesn’t really do it justice, though. Click here or on the photo below to see the larger version. You can see Cheeca’s own gallery here.

Kelli’s a veteran Realtor with Freewheeler. You can reach her at 305-240-0573, on FaceBook (Kelli Brower & Candi Graves, Florida Keys Realtors) and on Twitter, too: @Flkeyshomes. She’s also a huge force when it comes to helping kids in the Keys – so she deserves even more unsolicited plugs for her business.

Though I’m not a real estate investor, an undervalued asset is an undervalued asset and – look away, subprime condo flippers! – there appear to be some pretty good deals on homes and commercial properties in town. More important for the local economy, though, is that our housing inventory appears to be starting to clear – so I must not be the only one seeing those deals.

And the new Cheeca is gorgeous…

View from the new Cheeca Lodge