Final Notes on The Investor Meeting

From the email I sent around this afternoon, a few last notes about our annual investor meeting this Saturday night:

– The headcount right now stands at 45 people. The event begins at 5:30pm. Keys casual is fine…we’ll be under a tiki hut on the beach, after all.

– Holiday Isle is at Mile Marker 84, ocean-side (here is the website). We will be at the tiki hut pavilion (as opposed to the more famous Tiki Hut bar). The pavilion is on the north side of the hotel, the biggest building on the property. So, drive in, head back towards the hotel, and we’ll be at left, on the beach behind a row of hedges. You can park anywhere.

– Head to the pavilion regardless of weather. Should weather be a factor, there will be someone at the tiki pavilion directing you where to go. (Our back-up is a conference room at the hotel.) Right now, there is a 20% chance of rain, but that seems to be decreasing. So, odds say we should be okay.

– Friday night, from approximately 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, I will be at the Green Turtle at mile marker 81.5 ocean-side for an informal get-together with anyone who’d like to come by.

– Saturday night, after the meeting, you’re also invited to Morada Bay for their famous Full Moon Party (mm 81.5, bay-side). If you have not been, think of it as a big, upscale beach party with 4th of July-caliber fireworks.

If you’re looking for other things to do in Islamorada while you’re here, I’d recommend any or all of these:

1 – Kayaking. Talk to JC at Backcountry Cowboy.
2 – Feeding the tarpon at Robbie’s Marina. Best $3 you can spend in the Keys.
3 – Theater of the Sea. The Keys’ version of Sea World.

And if you’re looking to go fishing, give me a shout and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Cale Smith

About Cale Smith

Portfolio Manager at Islamorada Investment Management.
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2 Responses to Final Notes on The Investor Meeting

  1. Gail Collins says:

    What a great meeting that was! The weather cooperated, Dave Feder played wonderfully, the food was yummy and, best of all, Ken Peak from Contango Oil and Gas gave a very informative and entertaining presentation on his company. What a relief to know we are invested with a CEO who has so much common sense about what a business should be doing and NOT doing. I’m looking forward to the profits from Contango and the other companies in the Folios in the upcoming years. Cudos to Cale for doing a great job!!