This Week’s Sign the lunatics are running the asylum

An insightful Bloomberg video about the number of Wall Street lobbyists currently swarming over D.C.:

Here are some highlights:

    Citigroup – 46 lobbyists
    Chamber of Commerce – 46 lobbyists
    American Bankers Association – 44 lobbyists
    Prudential – 41 lobbyists
    Goldman Sachs – 29 lobbyists
    American Insurance Association – 29 lobbyists
    Charles Schwab – 28 lobbyists
    Investment Company Institute – 28 lobbyists

That last one, ICI, is the lobbying arm of the mutual fund industry.

The summary:

    Total number of lobbyists representing Wall Street: 1479
    Total number of lobbyists representing investors: 58
    Ratio: 25 to 1

H/t Tyler Durden and

Cale Smith

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