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An Anniversary, Social Media Style

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the founding of my firm, Islamorada Investment Management. What better way to celebrate than to have an internet celeb brag about your company?

Enter Jason Sadler. You many know him better as the guy. If you’re still scratching your head, here’s more on him from The New York Times. Every day in 2009, Jason wears a different company’s T-shirt. He blogs about the company, Tweets, streams vids, and in general goes social media crazy. And, yes, he gets paid to do this. Every day.

You, dear reader, should have thought of this idea a year ago.

Anyway – today is our day. Jason is wearing our shirt.

Check his blog about us here today and be especially sure to tune in at 3pm EST today to see his live video about our little firm in the Keys.

And should you, too, want an IIM shirt like the one Jason will be wearing, drop me a line. Limited supplies, so first come, first serve…