How Cash for Clunkers Works

From this WSJ article (reg. required).

Never mind that it’s a backdoor bailout. Think of it as a bubble in new Dodge Durangos.

WSJ Cash for Clunkers

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2 Responses to How Cash for Clunkers Works

  1. John Fleming says:

    What are they using for milage (city, Hywy, avg)?

    • Cale Cale says:

      They use a combined city/highway fuel economy rate. Part of the program stipulated that that NHTSA post on the web a comprehensive list of vehicles that qualify. To find it, go to and click on the model year of your vehicle, the make, and then the model. Under the words “ESTIMATED NEW EPA MPG” in the red banner, there is a red number with the word “COMBINED” under it. You can then enter the details re: of a new vehicle you may want to buy and see its combined MPG for comparison.

      More info here, too: