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Category: Spoke Fund ®

Spoke Fund® Conference in September

For the emerging and veteran portfolio managers in the crowd, a quick heads-up that I’ll be putting on another crash-course on launching your own Spoke Fund® next month in Marco Island, FL. More info on Click the link below to embiggen. FundLaunch 2012

2011 Spoke Fund® Conference

For any aspiring portfolio managers in the crowd: This year’s Spoke Fund® conference – now inevitably named “FundLaunch 2011” – is coming up in a few weeks at the gorgeous Marriott Resort in Marco Island, Florida. Come on down and learn how to build your own Spoke Fund®. You can register right here, and more […]

The Launch of

I’ve now got a new site up at It’s for portfolio managers wanting to learn more about Spoke Fund®. It became pretty clear about the time I held that workshop down here this spring that Spoke Funds were an idea that had outgrown this blog. Quite a few portfolio managers have contacted me over […]

Spoke Fund® versus Separately Managed Accounts

I’ve had some back and forth lately on another site about the differences between a Spoke Fund® and a SMA, or separately managed account. You can find the trail of comments at the bottom here. Well, except for the first comment, which I deleted, because I thought the poster was a crank. In any case, […]

Buying Why You Do It

A video from future Spoke Fund® manager Dustin, who says: I’m always looking for things I can add to the ‘mental file cabinet’. Thought you might find this one interesting. This helps explain why Spoke Funds and aligning your interests with investors works. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” […]

One More Reason Spoke Funds® > Mutual Funds

Spoke Funds® don’t cause 1,000 point drops in the Dow. Kansas Mutual Fund is Linked to Market’s Plunge. Ah, mutual funds. If only you used your powers for good instead of evil… And the first annual Spoke Fund® workshop begins here in Islamorada in less than 12 hours. Notes to be posted soon!

Last Call for Spoke Fund Workshop

Here’s the original post. As a reminder – on Saturday, May 15, I’m going to be putting on a workshop here in Islamorada for anyone wanting to learn how to build a spoke fund. We’ll cover as much as we can, as quickly as we can, with plenty of time for Q&A. A detailed agenda, […]

Arquitos Launches a Spoke Fund®

Congrats to Steve Kiel of Arquitos Capital Management, who will be launching a Spoke Fund® called the Freedom Fund on May 1st. Score one for the good guys. Arquitos is an independent fee-only value investing shop running a focused portfolio, based in Virginia outside of DC. Steve is an Iraq war veteran, a recovering lawyer, […]

“How to Build a Spoke Fund®” Meeting in the Keys

Okay, future Spoke Fund® managers…I’m thinking we can get together down here in the Keys on Saturday, May 15th, if you’re up for it. Depending on interest and topics, we can also meet that Sunday, too, if needed. This would be an informal get together, meaning that while it’s not going to be the caliber […]

Spoke Funds®: Comprehensive Q&A

My apologies to the portfolio managers in the crowd about the long delays between postings about Spoke Funds®. The desire has been there, but the time has not. In an effort to regain some momentum, I’m including some email exchanges below that I’ve had with other portfolio managers about Spoke Funds over the last few […]