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Spotted in Jackson Hole

It may be a bit hard to see, but if you squint, below you can almost make out a bona fide, limited edition, cheesily authentic Islamorada Investment Management T-shirt that showed up recently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Closer up the shirt looks more like this. The front, anyway. On the back is printed what is perhaps the most coveted piece of timeless investing wisdom in the universe – known only to an elite, good-looking few.

My investors are awesome.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Wait – Jackson Hole? A few weeks ago? Wasn’t that where they held that meeting with all the masters-of-the-economic-universe?”

To which I’d reply, “You know what’s even crazier? This picture was taken by a distinguished balding gentleman. One of those reserved, academic types. With copious facial hair. And whose last name begins with the letter B.”

Yup. Just blew your mind.

In any case, at least my T-shirts got out of the office this summer.

And drop me an email if you’d one day like an IIM T-shirt of your own.