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Webinar on Spoke Funds® next Monday

Just a heads-up for any portfolio managers in the crowd…

Next Monday, May 16, from 4:00 to 5:00 EST, I’m going to be joining Zack Miller of for a webinar called:

“From the ground up: How to build a successful money management firm.”

The pitch for it is below. Join us if you can, eh? Gonna be fun.

And please reserve your webinar seat at:

Is your investment practice what you want it to be?

Many professional investors have changed their business models over the past few years. Wirehouse brokers are breaking out and going independent. Many are choosing to start or join existing RIAs. Many others are creating their own hedge funds.

Everyone is looking for the right business model, the right structure for their investment business.

Cale Smith, founder of Islamorada Investment Management, believes he’s built a better investment business mousetrap.

Called Spoke Funds®, these structures solve some of the problems associated with mutual funds (underperformance, tax inefficiency) and hedge funds (compensation schemes masquerading as an asset class).

The Spoke Fund® structure aligns incentives by ensuring the investment manager invests most of his liquid net worth in the same portfolio he’s selling to investors.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

– Why the existing vehicles for your business (mutual/hedge funds) are broken
– How Spoke Funds® solve these problems
– Why Spoke Funds® are perfect for managers who are value investors
– How they lower start-up costs and get into business faster
– How their transparency is attracting a new class of investor

Please join Zack Miller of and Cale Smith of Islamorada Investment Management for a frank and open chat about the future of the investment management business.

Here’s that registration link one more time. And after registering you’ll receive a confirmation email with more detailed information on joining the webinar.

Thank you!